Tuscanwood Olive Ranch can be found along the shores of the Stanislaus River, nestled between the towns of Knights Ferry and Oakdale, in Stanislaus County.  This eight acre estate is the home for 365 Italian cultivar olive trees.


The orchard was planted in 2001 with two Tuscan varietals: Frantoio and Leccino. Frantoio, which constitutes sixty percent of the grove, gives the oil its fruity/peppery flavor, while Leccino completes the orchard and offers a mildly fruity/buttery finish to a delicate oil.  Mother Nature determines the intensity each year.


Each November the olives are collected from the plentiful boughs.  At harvest, the olives are hand-picked onto nets and gathered into bins which are transported to the local press. The custom crush and bottling is performed not more than three days from harvest to preserve the high level of quality that is so important to excellent olive oil.


Inspired Tradition

Hand Picked Quality

Tuscanwood Olive Oil is from the Heart of California's Central Valley

Tuscanwood is committed to producing an oil that is inspired by the years of European traditions of olive growing, harvesting and milling. By carefully producing a quality olive, then picking into nets and baskets, we deliver the olives to a family owned custom crusher. The spirit of all that touch our oil seems to transfer a form of natural beauty and quality that we feel can only be achieved by embracing this goal.


Natural, Estate Grown

Unlike so many oils now on the market, Tuscanwood Olive Oil contains no imported oils, chemicals, artificial colorings or preservatives.  Tuscanwood Olive Oil is 100% Extra Virgin, cold-pressed, unfiltered, California estate grown and is finished with tender loving care.



 Tuscanwood Olive Ranch, LLC

13238 Orange Blossom Road, Oakdale CA 95361

Phone: (209) 847-9664 Cell: (415)269-4544

Email: janet@tuscanwoodranch.com


Located at the heart of California's Central Valley between Knights Ferry and Oakdale.






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